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英语2 填空急急急

11 to work out 12 mix, with 13 shook 14 fill,with 15 taking, out 16 cut,into 17 cover, with 18 mix, up 19 cut, up 20 putting, on

1、was 2、is 3、caught 4、had unearthed 5、has become 6、continues

1, defend, against 2, list face 3, in general 4, at ease 5, are likely to 6, turn his back to

第一篇:mine,whether,lived,a,surrounded,cooked,intelligent, and,badly,Fortunately 第二篇:useful,which,Actually,including,and,invented, better,activities,such,to make 尽量做了,有些我也不太确定

二减一等于一 Two minus one equals one 三减二等于一. Three minus two equals one.

the girl that she runs...... the horse that it won ........ the men that they stole...... the man that he invented.... the pictures that they were on the wall...... something that it cannot be explained a book that it gives you...

外语(考试时间:120分钟 总分:150分) 一、语言知识 要求考生能够适当运用基本的语法知识,掌握2000左右的词汇及相关词组。 二、语言运用 1.听力:要求考生听懂有关日常生活中所熟悉话题的简短独白和对话。 2.阅读:要求考生读懂公告、说明...

第一张 1.exploring 2.to offer 3.took part in 4.lasted 5.activities 第二张 housework everything alone first hungry cook parents bought same washing

参考答案如下: (词组填空) 1. in the middle of 2. stop eating 3. goes around 4. look out of (句型转换) 1. Knowing some everyday English 2. How can you 3. What can be 4. Will there be (词形填空) 1. struck 2. fallen 3. to work 4. ...

没什么好计较的,完整版答案应该是这样的 7important 10quiet 11dish 13strict 14noisy 15remember 适当形式填空 1, keep 2, terrible 3, learn 4, important 5, bring 6, much 7, follow 8, listening 9, Remember 10, quiet


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