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英语2 填空急急急

natural: adj, 自然的;n. nature natural disaster, natural science, natural reserve (自然保护区) mop : verb, 用拖把拖; 擦拭; 注意mop亦可最为名词,即拖把。 mopped, mopped mop up: 擦拭完,擦拭掉 eat it up, drink it up, burn it up...

There ____a____ new problems in respect of the relationship between the two countries in recent years. A. rose B. raised C. lifted D. arose 16. The professor kept speaking about his new discovery in the field, only ____b____ oc...

1、was 2、is 3、caught 4、had unearthed 5、has become 6、continues


外语(考试时间:120分钟 总分:150分) 一、语言知识 要求考生能够适当运用基本的语法知识,掌握2000左右的词汇及相关词组。 二、语言运用 1.听力:要求考生听懂有关日常生活中所熟悉话题的简短独白和对话。 2.阅读:要求考生读懂公告、说明...

1 of                      2 of…to               ...

in praise of in support of in search of in honour of

第一张 2 a third dozens 800-meter-long were need repairing percent,was 1990's,their 第二张 4 a 5 the,a 第三张 a,the an an the

dead sailing have worked flying traveling 1.going 2.have visited 3.have checked 4.living 5.to take


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