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一般外部输入的数据都可能存在问题。所以通常在readlines后要做一次处理 for line in file.readlines(): if not line.strip():continue r = line.split('\t') if len(r)

sys.argv[1] 表示取命令行的第一个参数,但是你在调用test06.py的时候没有加任何参数,所以数组当然就越界了, 从这个代码来看,你应该在test06.py后面加一个网址,比如 http://www.baidu.com/xxx/yyy/... 这样就可以了。

2011-12-01 python报错list index out of rang... 1 2015-01-24 关于Python支持的最大整数是多少 3 2016-07-04 请Python大神指点下面的代码为什么会出现...

You try to index outside the range: for s in range(0, M+1): t[s] = t_min + k*s Change to: for s in range(M): t[s] = t_min + k*s And it works. You create t with length of M: t = np.linspace(t_min, t_max, M) So you can only acces...

Index Error: too many indices for array 索引错误:数组的索引太多

你的路径下有空文件夹 这时候files是一个空的列表 因此files[0]会报错

r1 = [] 是空数组,但是你对这个数组 r1[j] = 是怎么个意思?肯定越界嘛,用append吧


list index out of range : 数组越界, 代表你argv取不到 index 1。 by the way, 这里是JAVA区 ^_^

winning_numbers[i] The error is that your list indices are out of range--that is, you are trying to refer to some index that doesn't even exist. Without debugging your code fully, I would check the line where you are adding gue...


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